About OurSQL: The MySQL Database Community Podcast

Hosted by Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla and Gerry Narvaja of SkySQL
Sponsored by the Oracle Technology Network
Audio Engineer/Producer:  Rich Goyette

The podcast is available via iTunes (website or direct to iTunes*) and feedburner. You can also play episodes directly in your browser or download the mp3 from the “read more” page. In December 2013 iTunes randomly deleted our podcast, and emails to support gave no reason, but also that they could not retrieve anything – subscribers, ratings, etc. So your best bet is to subscribe directly to http://technocation.org/audio/feed/  (that’s what we do for testing).

Send us feedback via:
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e-mail: podcast at technocation.org
voicemail using phone/Skype: +1-617-674-2369
twitter: @oursqlcast
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* Note that the direct to iTunes link uses Apple’s URL prefix for podcasts, “itpc://”. This is known to work in Firefox and Safari, and is known to NOT work in Chrome. You can search for “mysql” in the iTunes Store and easily find the podcast.