OurSQL Episode 208: Looking Back

In this episode we discuss our timeless podcasts. For those who are new and listening for the first time – welcome! This podcast is a great jumping off point to learn about specific topics we’ve covered. If you have been with us for some or all of the time, thank you for being with us, and we hope this trip down memory lane brings you nostalgia – it did for us. We intersperse excerpts from great talks in between topics.

That this is OurSQL’s final podcast. We are thrilled to have all the current and past co-hosts along for the ride. For the past 8 and a half years and more than 200 episodes, we have produced quality podcasts with great information.

Jon and Gerry will continue podcasting, with a new podcast called “The Dolphin and Seal: The MariaDB and MySQL Database Community Podcast.” Check out The Dolphin and Seal podcast page.

The Timeless Podcasts
How to learn about MySQL

MySQL and Forks
Oracle’s MySQL and Drizzle
Percona and MariaDB
MariaDB explaining features, and comparing to Percona’s patched MySQL and Oracle’s MySQL.

Backup Glossary
Backup Tools You Already Have (mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump)
Looking Through the Lenz (snapshots including LVM) – with Lenz Grimmer
Advanced Logical Export Features (advanced mysqldump)
xtrabackup part 1
xtrabackup part 2

Basics of how replication works
Replication logs and objects
Multi-source master (with Luis Soares)

High Availability (HA) including MySQL Fabric
HA and Replication
Galera cluster part 1
Galera cluster part 2
MHA (MySQL Master High Availability Agent)
Setting up Percona Replication Manager
Administering Percona Replication Manager
Weaving with Fabric (with Mats Kindahl)
Pieces of Fabric

Eben Moglen – “Why Free Beer Isn’t So Good if your Data are Getting Drunk: How Free as in Freedom Businesses Help Prevent the Ultimate Privacy Catastrophe” – Episode 15 (early podcast, poor quality audio)

basic MySQL Security, like ACLs (early podcast, poor quality audio)
Ways to compromise and secure MySQL, part 1
Ways to compromise and secure MySQL, part 2
Using SSL for MySQL connections, plus security in replication
MariaDB audit plugin

Nagios and cacti to monitor MySQL, and palomino’s nagios plugins
MySQL Enterprise and MONyog
Other tools – part 1 of snmp, rrdtool, cacti, nagios, openNMS and zabbix
Even more tools – part 2 of snmp, rrdtool, cacti, nagios, openNMS and zabbix

Query Tuning
Wild Performance Tips using % in LIKE comparisons, count(*) and InnoDB, and SELECT */INSERT without naming columns (early podcast, poor quality audio)
Things to Avoid in MySQL Queries – correlated subqueries, calculated comparisons, and how to handle a groupwise maximum (early podcast, poor quality audio)
How to find mysql queries to optimize
How to use EXPLAIN to optimize queries, part 1
How to use EXPLAIN to optimize queries, part 2

Benchmarking MySQL
Data sets (e.g. for use in benchmarking)

MySQL Server Tuning
It’s not our default, part 1 which server variables we recommend changing from their defaults
It’s not our default, part 2 which server variables we recommend changing from their defaults
Digging for information – using INFORMATION_SCHEMA
Starting to perform – getting started with PERFORMANCE SCHEMA in MySQL 5.5 and 5.6
part 2 of using the PERFORMANCE SCHEMA database, including wait events
part 3 of using the PERFORMANCE SCHEMA database, including tuning advice
Threads in MariaDB and MySQL
User Statistics to see who’s doing what
Make It Fast – performance tuning resources
How the Query Cache works (and doesn’t) (early podcast, poor quality audio)

Data Types
Numeric Data Types
ENUM, SET data types, and sql modes
Time and time zones

The Nitty Gritty of Indexes – How B-trees work (early podcast, poor quality audio)
Hashing it out – What a hash looks like (early podcast, poor quality audio)
De-myth-tifying Indexes – Btree and hash indexes and MySQL (early podcast, poor quality audio)
Foreign policy – Foreign Keys
Lost for words – FULLTEXT in MyISAM
Fulltext on ACID – FULLTEXT in InnoDB
Legendary searches – Sphinx storage engine for faster fulltext searching

Eric Redmond speaks about ACID compliance, BASE semantics, and the CAP theorem – Episdoe 52

Database Theory
http://technocation.org/content/oursql-episode-3%3A-your-database-acid“>ACID compliance and what that means
http://technocation.org/content/oursql-episode-107-staying-concurrent“>MVCC and MySQL

Operations report card, and translating to DBAs
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Licenses, copyright, patents, patent trolls
More software licenses
Luis Villa speaks about non-software licenses
Copyright, patents and trademarks
Patent case law and patent trolls

MySQL in the Cloud

Guy Kawasaki – The Art of Innovation – Episode 16 – (early podcast, poor quality audio)

1NF and normalization concepts (early podcast, poor quality audio)
2NF, 3NF and when to denormalize

Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing 101 – with Josh Berkus
Star and Snowflake Schemas

Operating system
Different filesystems and how they work
Linux I/O Schedulers

Virtualization – with Tim Hall
Virtualization 101
Virtualization 102

Paul Vallee speaks about The Rise of the MySQL DBA

Blooper and Fun Episodes
Blooper Retrospective for 2011
Blooper Retrospective for 2012
Blooper Retrospective for 2013
Blooper Retrospective for 2014
Panel with Monty Widenius and David Axmark, at the April 2012 conference topics range from the MySQL ecosystem to “Crazy Monty”, an open source restaurant.
All the different meanings of the word “binary” in MySQL

TokuDB – with Martin Farach-Colton
TokuDB 5.0 part 1
TokuDB 5.0 part 2
New TokuDB features

CONNECT storage engine
CONNECT storage engine in MariaDB
CONNECT storage engine, part 2

Stored code
Events part 1
Events part 2
Routines part 1
Routines part 2

Bruce Schneier on Information Security and Privacy

Configuration management
Configuration Management
Using Puppet to control MySQL


Python MySQL utilities
MySQL Utilities, part 1
MySQL Utilities, part 2
MySQL Utilities, part 3
MySQL Utilities, part 4
MySQL Utilities, part 5

MySQL Workbench
MySQL Workbench part 1
MySQL Workbench part 2

Randall Munroe on database security and privacy and The Ball Pit

Percona Toolkit
Lesser Known Percona Tools
Handle with Care
Keep it Under Control – (pt-config-diff only)
Another Round of Toolkit
Digging Through the Tool Chest
Getting in Sync
Back in Sync
Syncing Both Ways
Server State Monitoring

Common Schema
Common Schema part 1
Common Schema part 2
Common Schema part 3
Common Schema part 4
Common Schema part 5

Openark Toolkit
Biblical Tools part 1
Biblical Tools part 2
Biblical Tools part 3

MaxScale Proxy Basics
In Depth with MaxScale
In Depth with MaxScale part 2

Startup Scripts and Gotchas
Manipulating text and data including CSV storage engine
MySQL migration toolkit
MySQL Sandbox – with Giuseppe Maxia

It has been a great trip down the MySQL Community road. We learned a lot and had a great time discussing the different topics. We also had a great chance to meet great personalities of the MySQL database world and beyond. Thank you everyone for your loyalty listening to us for these many episodes over many years. We hope you have as much fun as we had making this podcast. You may still reach us through your favorite social network and email.

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